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5 Minute Box Trap

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Time 5 Mins

Supplies Needed

  • Lucky Charms Cereal Box
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Straws

Get Started

  1. Gather your supplies!

Prep The Box

  1. Cut the entire back of your cereal box off.

Decorate the Box

  1. Decorate your cereal box in whatever magical way you want to. We used glitter paper and cut it into strips to create a rainbow pattern and glued it to the top of our cereal box.

Set Your Trap

  1. It’s time to set the trap. Cut a straw to the desired height you want your trap to be. We cut 1/3 of the straw off to ensure leprechauns could wander inside. Prop the box up with the straw and attach it with glue. 
  2. Be sure to place a pile of Lucky Charms cereal inside of your trap near the straw to lure leprechauns inside. Happy trapping!